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Ultimate MX Hauler - Motorcycle Carrier Ramp

MX Hauler SKU: UMXH-101-BLK
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Ultimate MX Ramp Hauler Assembly Instructions


  • 450-lb weight capacity
  • Designed to fit 2" Class III or IV hitch receivers
  • Easy one-person operation
  • Anti-wobble hitch pin included

For those who want a higher weight capacity carrier that is also capable of carrying street & adventure bikes weighing up to 450 pounds, or even a scooter with the ultimate ease of loading – This carrier is for you. This carrier can drop its tray all the way to the ground from a 20″ hitch height and brings that load back up to the receiver hitch height of the transport vehicle.

When in the down position, you just roll your bike onto the rail, the front tire will drop into a recess that prevents the bike from rolling back and forth and you use two straps to secure it. Once it’s in the full up position, you insert a pin that locks it in the full up position and attach two more straps to additional tie down loops. There is also a unique hitch pin that prevents side to side sway. For ease of attaching and removing carrier from the vehicle, the rail separates from the hydraulic mechanism quickly into two easy to manage pieces.

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**Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico available by phone ONLY.