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Specbolt - Husqvarna Sprocket and Rotor Bolt Kit with Rim Locks and Valve Stem Caps

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Specbolt works closely with fastener manufacturers to design and produce the highest quality motorcycle fasteners available.


  • Grade 10.9 bolts provide a higher tensile strength than stock.
  • Dacromet OR Nickel plated to look great, resist corrosion, and last the life of your motorcycle.
  • Green Loctite for rear sprocket bolts to prevent unwanted loosening and maintain torque specs.
  • Red Loctite for rotor bolts to prevent unwanted loosening and maintain torque specs.

Included in the kit:

  • 6 Rear Sprocket Bolts/Nuts with Torx Head
  • 12 Rotor Bolts with  8mm Hex Head
  • Mojo Rim Locks with Washers
  • Mojo Valve Stem caps

Designed to work with Husqvarna big bikes as well as with our Mojo Sprockets/Rotors

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