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TM Designworks - KTM SX Factory Edition Slide N Guide Kit | KHK-MX1

TM Designworks SKU: TMD-KHK-MX1-ORG
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For over thirty years, TM Designworks has been manufacturing innovative and unique products in the motorcycle industry. TMD has been recognized as the leader in chain slide-n-glide technology.


  • This new Gran Prix Motocross and SX kit is features slim bodied Rear Chain Guide and Dirt Cross "Super Slider"
  • The Dirt Cross slider features improved dimensions control the chain tension as the suspension moves thru the stroke.
  • Low friction oil additive reduces surface drag and UV keeps both slider prevents color fade and cracking.
  • The New "GP Motocross" chain guide is 35 grams lighter than stock and has a replaceable low friction wear pad.
  • The chain guide is not prone to impact failure and the slim body width flies through those deep MX ruts with no damage.
  • New MX guide is setup for oversize sprockets.

Designed for SX & MX Tracking riding only.

KTM (2011) 250, 350, 450 SXF
KTM (12-21) 125-450 SX, SXF 2 & 4 Strokes