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TM Designworks - KTM 85-105cc Slide-N-Guide Kit - KTM-085

TM Designworks SKU: TMD-KTM-085-ORG
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For over thirty years, TM Designworks has been manufacturing innovative and unique products in the motorcycle industry. TMD has been recognized as the leader in chain slide-n-glide technology.


  • Each kit consists of new slider design, Powerlip frame pad, and rear chain guide.
  • The slider improves the suspension with a new thickness and Powerlip angle.
  • The lower frame pad has an oil impregnated raised Powerlip for maximum drive chain power.
  • The one piece rear chain guide has a all new narrow profile to prevent failure in rocks and ruts.
  • Guide is 20% lighter than than stock and installs without removing chain.
  • Guide material is our exclusive "Return Memory Formula."
  • Compatible with 2 down and 3 up on the rear sprocket.
  • One year free breakage guarantee. Pro Rated wear Pad warranty for 1 year.