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TM Designworks - Kawasaki Baja Endurance Slider - KCP-KXM

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For over thirty years, TM Designworks has been manufacturing innovative and unique products in the motorcycle industry. TMD has been recognized as the leader in chain slide-n-glide technology.


  • New for 2016 is new alloy hold down collar & recessed bolt system that secures the slider firmly to the swing arm.
  • TMD riders report that they are easily getting 6 months to a  year with the correct chain slack adjustment..
  • The new shape and thickness will maximize chain torque looseness for suspension consistency.
  • The only slider on the market that is oil impregnated for virtually zero friction and surface drag.
  • 2-Stage chain slap dampening system dramatically lowers chain pitch found on harder plastics that resonate sound.
  • The TMD slider has the longest wear life.
  • Used and endorsed by Brett Metcalfe & Kyle Chisholm..
  • This is a proven winner with 3 Arena X championships with Tyler Bowers on his Kawasaki.
  • Used by French Kawasaki factory team Bud Racing.
  • Recommended by Motocross Action, Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike Magazine and most on line publications as the go to part.
  • TMD is the only company who proudly makes the KXF slider in our USA facility.

Kawasaki (06-16) KXF 250
Kawasaki (06-15) KXF 450
Kawasaki (08-14) KLX 450