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MOJO Honda Bling Kit | MOJO-HON-BKH3

MojoMotoSport SKU: MOJO-HON-BKH3
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Our most popular MOJO product - this kit has everything to make your buddies jealous!

13 Piece Kit includes:  

- Precision CNC Machined for a perfect fit
- Front brake reservoir cover
- Rear axle blocks with alignment marks (2)
- Rear brake reservoir cover
- Ignition cover plugs (2)
- Rim lock nuts with tapered washers (2)
- Valve stem caps (2)
- Anodized Honda Red

Buy the kit and save over HK$517.99 if you bought everything individually.

Awesome looking and affordable! 

Double check our fitment chart HERE

We've got your back with our LIFETIME WARRANTY!