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No-Toil - Kawasaki/Yamaha 80-100cc Fast Filter | 1404

No Toil SKU: 90-1404
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Founded in 1998 No-Toil’s main objective was to simplify air filter maintenance. By ditching the gasoline’s & solvents we were able to formulate a system that was not only easier to use, but safer on your air filter and the environment.
  • Pre-oiled filters allow you to get a clean filter in your bike fast
  • Biodegradable oil on filter means you can just throw filter away in the trash after use
  • 1 Year Warranty

Kawasaki KX80 (1991-2000)
Kawasaki KX85 (2001-2021)
Kawasaki KX100 (1995-2021)
Yamaha YZ85 (2002-2021)
Suzuki RM100 (2003)